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DataSweeper Intranet Standard Edition
DataSweeper Intranet Standard Edition

One of the DataSweeper line of reliable and proven total data-erasure products. Fully supports 13 data-erasure standards, including eight global standards, starting with the US Department of Defense protocol. Reliable data erasure with a simple three-step operation.

Schematic of network editions
Features of DataSweeper Intranet Standard Edition

Designed specifically for large offices and organizations with intranets.
Erases data on client PCs across an intranet from a server. The erased data are stored in the server. This IT-asset management software facilitates efficient centralized management of data erasure in organizations with large numbers of client PCs.

Total data erasure brand: DataSweeper

All DataSweeper products and services support a total of 13 erasure standards, including eight global standards, starting with the US Department of Defense protocol. Providing up to 99 overwrite passes and a verification function, they deliver highly reliable data-erasure solutions to address complex needs.

Other five standards supported:

Overwriting with 0x00 (overwriting with zeros)
Overwriting with 0xFF (overwriting with FF)
Overwriting with 0xFF followed by 0x00 (overwriting with FF followed by zeros)
Overwriting with simple random data (overwriting with random numbers)
Overwriting with random data followed by 0x00 (Overwriting with random numbers followed by zeros)

DataSweeper Intranet Standard Edition Specs
Server: configuration and operating environment

Hardware requirements of ADC-specified Linux server
CPU: Celeron 2GHz or higher
Memory: 512MB or more
Hard disk capacity: 20GB or more (recommend hardware RAID for backup)
Interface: USB port x 1, LAN x 1
OS : ADC-specified OS (please inquire for details)

Client: operating environment

PC/AT-compatible machine with LAN port (DOS/V x86 architecture)
Memory: 64MB
OS: Windows Vista/XP/2000/Me/98SE/98/95
*: Only 32-bit Vista and XP supported (wireless LAN not supported)
*: ADC will set up the program for use on networks