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Software erase

Advanced Design’s line of total data-erasure products offers just the right erasure method for each media type and for whether or not the media will be used after wiping.

Erasure of data from reusable devices

This refers to methods of totally erasing data from storage media that can then be reused.

Data overwriting (Product name: DataSweeper series)
DataSweeper2 Handy DSH-2000S (USB version)

This is the most widely used method of erasing data from operable machines. It involves overwriting data on hard drives and other storage media to render the data completely unreadable. Data can be wiped securely in compliance with US NSA, Department of Defense and other standards. The advantage of this method is that hard drives and other media can be reused after total erasure of data. (Data stored on the media prior to overwriting are completely wiped and can no longer be loaded into memory.) Because it is hard to tell merely by looking at the drive whether a drive’s data have been erased or not, users of Advanced Design’s data-erasure services and of DataSweeper receive a certificate certifying total erasure of data.


  • Environmentally friendly because wiped hard drives and other media can be reused.
  • A variety of products are available to suit your specific requirements, with a low initial investment.


  • Because data are overwritten, wiping of large-capacity storage media can be time consuming.
  • The media must be properly working.
  • There is no visible change in the appearance of the media after wiping. (Advanced Design certifies the completion of data erasure via an erasure log report and/or erasure certificate.)